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  • "Omar Alex Khan is a stand-out, radiating warmth."

        - The Globe and Mail

  • "...two powerful leads in Kih Becke as Antigone and Omar Alex Khan as Creon. Their force is matched in a bitter conflict making their climactic confrontation riveting."

        - NS Reviews

  • "...solid work...Khan delivers a suitably cagey performance.:

        - Glenn Sumi,

  • "With four capable, compelling actors in tow, Anahita's Republic comes to life beautifully."

         - Intermission Magazine

  • "The impressively limber Khan, emerges as one of the more successful actors...deftly sidestepping the clichés of Indian immigrant portrayal." 

        - The Winnipeg Free Press

  • "Khan is a revelation...he dines voraciously on Mamet's pungent language."

        - The Winnipeg Free Press

  • "Omar Alex Khan - a Silvius whose lovesickness is both silly and touching."  

        - The National Post

  • "Omar Alex Khan manages to cut a sympathetic figure even though he plays the least likeable character."

       - The Globe and Mail

  • "Omar Alex Khan stands out as the confrontational Halim, chiding the audience and scolding them when they don't laugh at his jokes."

        - The Winnipeg Free Press

  • "Khan and Talwar balanced off each other beautifully. The two together are incredibly entertaining."


Photo by Tim Leyes
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